Affordable Care Act resources

I’ve watched with interest the passage and impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I have wondered what exactly will happen and what will be expected of me in 2014. I know I must have health insurance come January 2014. But other than that, I feel a bit out at sea. What are all of the changes promised in the legislation? Where can I get (accurate) information? Where can I get health insurance? What should I expect from the coverage?

I recently encountered a few sources of information on what happens in 2014 and where I can get actual information I need (such as insurance plans). I am squirreling these away for future reference.

The first source is a podcast I heard on NPR: Former Insurance Exec Offers An Insider’s Look At Obamacare. Dave Davies interviews Weddell Potter, a former insurance executive and current senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity. Weddell shares plenty of useful information about health insurance as well as the ins and outs of Obamacare.

The second source consists of two articles that I found on the PBS website: Your Guide to Obamacare Options and the slightly older 3 Things Women Should Know About Health Reform.


Your thoughts?

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