Photo: Point Lobos

Coastline of rocky cliffs, Monterey cypresses, and kelp beds at Point Lobos

Coastline view at Point Lobos, one of my favorite sanctuaries in Northern California. Often great egrets float on flotsam and jetsam, great blue egrets fly overhead, pelicans silently glide over the water, and cormorants perch on the rocky islands to dry their feathers after their latest dives. Sea lions congregate on a rocky bit of land. Their constant barking echoing along the coast. Harbor seals sunbathe on rocks or wordlessly poke their heads out of the ocean. Otters float on their backs amid the kelp, snoozing wrapped up in the kelp or eating food from their most recent foray among it. Point Lobos is a place of great beauty and peace. My photo doesn’t do it justice. You need to visit it for yourself.


Your thoughts?

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