Transported home

I was momentarily taken aback by the light rain that greeted me as I walked out my front door. I paused. Where was I? Here—where it never rains in the summer? Or home—where it rains in the summer?

Not here. I wasn’t here. I felt the air. Muggy. Humid. Not here. It felt…like home. I grabbed my hat, intent on setting out on my walk. I was, after all, not here. Not of here. I grew up with light rains kissing me as I walked. The rain would be welcome. The memories would be welcome.

I glanced up. The sky was half sunny and half cloudy. Arching over the sky was a rainbow, stretching from end to end. Completely shimmering in the air for a few minutes. Stronger on one end. And then playing hide and seek. A much needed smile filled my face from ear to ear. I walked in the direction of the rainbow. Enjoying its presence. Its reminder, along with the light rain and muggy air, of home.

I walked. Down sidewalks moistened by raindrops. Past a man strangely hosing down his cars parked in his driveway. Past cats. One sitting on the lawn, not bothered by the rain. Another looking befuddled, as if thinking that the rain doesn’t belong here. Not in summer.

I walked. Enjoying the cool breeze, the touch of humidity, the rain. Yes, I was the crazy woman you passed in your car. The woman walking in the rain.

The rainbow disappeared…only to reappear fainter a few minutes later. The rain stopped and started…as it would back home. Home. I looked at the rainbow one last time, which reappeared as if to remind me about hope and beauty and pots of gold. “If you only believe. Hold onto dreams.”

I reluctantly turned my back to walk home. In front of me the sky was streaked with rows of clouds punctuated by blue sunny strips. As the light was fading with the day, the streaks of clouds reflected a rosy hue from the setting sun. A rainbow behind me. Rosy clouds at the end of day in front of me. And a walk in the rain. I was transported beyond the present. I was transported home.


Your thoughts?

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