First snow

Snow was forecasted. Nothing major. Not a storm. Just a dusting. Maybe not enough to stick around. After all, the ground temperature was still rather warm.

This would be the first snow I have lived through for many years. I did see snow briefly at Mount Fuji back in 2007 or 2008. I was in Japan on a business trip and stuck around for a few days to see some people I knew in Yokohama. They picked me up and drove me halfway up Mount Fuji. When I closed the car door in Tokyo, I closed it to a spring day in the 60s. When I next opened the car door, halfway up Mount Fuji, I opened it to snow. Not a dusting of snow. Snow. The roads were clear but snow covered the ground with mounds of snow strategically placed.

Prior to that, I hadn’t experienced snow since before I left for California in September 2000. Sure, I could have driven to Lake Tahoe to see snow, but my pocketbook wasn’t quite fat enough for the money it would take to vacation in Tahoe during high season. Plus, putting chains on my car wasn’t really one of those experiences high up on my bucket list. And after driving the roads around Tahoe, some of which are located on precariously high cliffs with nothing between the road and the, um, non-road, I was pretty glad I never had the opportunity to drive around Tahoe during the winter.

As a result of this, I have been pretty much snow-less for over thirteen years. Just that brief flirtation with snow at Mount Fuji. Understandably when the weather forecasters spoke of freezing overnight temperatures with the possibility of light snow last week, I was excited. Would I see snow?

When I first woke up in the morning, I dashed to the window. To my delight, the rooftops were partially dusted with snow. And some snow covered car windows and roofs in the parking lot. I had to look again, just to let the snow sink in.

The first snow of the season. The first snow I have lived through since the early months of 2000. Funny how I cannot remember the last snow I experienced before I left for California. But during those winter months, I didn’t anticipate moving. Let alone moving to California.

I grew up and lived many adult years in Indiana. So I have been in the Midwest, in Indiana enough of my life to know that the excitement of the first snow of the season wears off quickly. Quickened by digging one’s car out of the snow. Quickened by sliding around on the ice and driving in blowing snow. But for now I enjoyed it. The wonder. The excitement. Brushing the slush off of my car windows. In the coming months, it won’t be so easy to brush off. To be excited about. But for now, I’m focusing on my excitement. And the first snow.



Your thoughts?

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