Falling back

I’ve lived a schizophrenic life.

I grew up in a part of the country where clocks change twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Then I went to college…and lived in a part of the country for fourteen years or so where things are a bit different; they did not change their clocks…ever…”and life works quite fine, thank you very much”. I got used to not changing…the world changed around us and we would adapt twice a year…”OK…now that it is fall, Chicago is one hour behind us…and in the spring, on our time….”

Then I moved to California, to a Land Where Clocks Change, a land inhabited by most of the rest of the country. And I had to adapt to changing again. Twice a year. “Darn. My body was just getting used to the time change, and now we change again!” (I noticed the increased effect of falling back or springing forward on my body with the passage of time. It was harder and harder to adjust to that one-hour time difference twice a year.)

And now I moved back to the Land Where Clocks Did Not Change…only in the intervening years…between when I last lived here and now…the Land decided to join the rest of the country in changing clocks twice a year.

I should be fine, right? I just moved from a place where clocks fall back or spring ahead. No difference here. Ah, yes. But where I last lived, the sky would get light around 6 or so in the morning…slowing changing to 7 or so until we set our clocks back an hour. Now I live somewhere where the sun does not rise until after 8 in the morning. After 8 in the morning! So tomorrow morning, after we fall back tonight, the sun will rise a bit after 7. 7:17 to be exact. That is still too late for what I am used to. A woman whose body is triggered to rise in the morning only with the rising of the sun. No sun. No Amy getting up. Easily, that is. Pre-dawn Amy risings do happen but they are not necessarily happy events. I miss 6:30 sunrises. But 7:17 is better than 8:17. At least the sun will be up by the time I get to work.



Your thoughts?

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