Yeah, but the fish are dead

This response by the waitress to my query brought to mind a bathtub of fish floating belly up in the water. It wasn’t a response…or image…that I expected. “Ohmygosh.” I was visiting a coffeehouse that I frequented during my college and graduate school days. The place was located…for several decades now…in a former house. The bathroom was, well, a bathroom. Tub and all. What would a bohemian-type coffeehouse do with such a bathroom? Make the tub a fish tank.

Any visit to the coffeehouse would not be complete without visiting the fish. Did the bathroom with the fish tank bathtub still exist? Yes, but unfortunately for me, the coffeehouse was in between fish. A state I do not remember ever encountering before. In perhaps a twisted nod of remembrance to the fish, I had the salmon bagel. I sipped my coffee, watching all types gathering for conversation, coffee, and breakfast. And the bohemian-clad staff flitting among the tables. Some things never change. And there is a comfort there. As though all is right in the world. Well, maybe next time all will be right—with new fish swimming in the bathtub.


Your thoughts?

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