Giving Your Love Away

Giving Your Love Away. I was thwarted in finding a sample of the song on the Internet. I found other samples of Steve Kritzer’s music and videos of him performing on YouTube. But alas, no Giving Your Love Away.

I was introduced to Steve Kritzer and his songs out in the Bay Area where I got to hear him play several times. I love his songs, some reflecting on past relationships, others irreverent about motorists.

His Christmas CD, Mandolin Christmas, is a beautiful (mostly) instrumental CD of well-loved Christmas tunes that he plays on his mandolin. The one exception is the last song, Giving Your Love Away, a non-instrumental song. The entire CD is definitely worth a listen.

Since I am unable to link to a sample of the song Giving Your Love Away, I am forced to share what I believe some of the lyrics to be. Bear with me if I transcribe them incorrectly. (My apologies, Steve!)

I grew up learning Christmastime was only just a game
‘Til I learned it was a time to be giving your love away.

Giving your love away
Now you’re giving your love away
Sharing the gifts of this Christmas season each and every day
Wrap it in peace and a ribbon in joy
Give your love away

I asked my momma who he was and I heard her say
He was a man who showed us how to give our love away.

There are times when we can’t find love
And some times we don’t try
If it comes from up above
We never will run dry

I love his depiction of Christmas as a time for showering love on others and how Christ showed us the way. We are taught that Christmas is a time of giving and that it is better to give than receive. Steve calls out love as the gift, a gift that doesn’t decrease with the giving. With this song, he beautifully sets to music the point of Christmas: giving our love away.



Your thoughts?

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