Belated happy birthday, Grace Hopper

Sad to say, I didn’t learn about Grace Hopper until a little over a year ago. Just before I signed up to attend the Celebration of Women in Computing conference in her name for women in the tech field. I attended the conference as part of the TechWomen program. The conference was full of stimulating talks on tech issues…talks given by women, for women. (There was a smattering of men at the conference, but they strangely kept silent.) I encountered lots of female college students there…even from my alma mater. (Go, Hoosiers!). ☺

I am impressed with Grace Hopper, a woman who played a major role in the Navy (a rear admiral) and in tech (a pioneer in computer programming). Actually, I am in awe, especially considering that she did everything she did in an era that presumably was not all that welcoming of women to positions of authority. She seemed like a go-getter, a trailblazer…who went out and did things. This pioneering spirit helps explain her famous quote: “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” Thanks, Amazing Grace, for all you did for the Navy, for computing, and for women. You continue to be honored for all you did…even with a doodle from Google.


Your thoughts?

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