The end of history illusion

Just in time for my annual letter to myself, an article in the Smithsonian magazine caught my eye. The article discusses what it calls “the end of history illusion”, the idea that we see ourselves in the present moment as being what we will be in the future. In other words, I have finally become who I will always be. The future Amy will be like the present Amy. (Which in some ways could be a comforting thought. In other ways, maybe not so much.)

But this is an illusion. We continually change and evolve. Our personalities. Our values. Our tastes. What was important to Amy at 25 was not important to Amy at 35. Too true, as I reflected on my life. So what will be important to Amy in the future? How can I enable myself to reach towards these things that will be important to me? How can I break free of the illusion that the now Amy is not the future Amy? This is not the end but the beginning of something….


Your thoughts?

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