An unexpected visitor

The Amy of the Past unexpectedly intruded on the Amy of the Present today. I was minding my own business. Not doing anything in particular.

It all started with a t-shirt.

There was a knock on my office door. The knocker happened to be the head of the group I am a part of. He was bearing gifts. Or more precisely bearing a large box of t-shirts. T-shirts from a vendor of a Customer Relationship Management system. T-shirts that he was distributing to the team.

I held the t-shirt he gave me so I could see the logo on the front. And suddenly words from Amy of the Past gushed out of my mouth before I could stop them. Or even realize that they wanted out.

“Oh, it’s the laughing Buddha. Maitreya. The Buddha of the future. Well, sort of.” (The company had taken some liberties with the typical East Asian portrayal of Maitreya.)

The small voice from Amy of the Present said, “Shut up. Don’t start babbling about Maitreya. Say thank you. And then shut up.”

Strangely, I listened. And managed to push the Amy of the Past aside. Buddhism was so 1990s in Amy world. Amy of the Present rolled her eyes. Amy of the Past stood there stunned.

Back to my 2014 world I went. Back to the Amy of the Present. And Amy of the Past was gone. When will she unexpectedly visit me again?


Your thoughts?

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