Republicans, hurricanes, and gay marriage

I’m a registered Republican. I only seem liberal because I believe that hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not gay marriage. ~ Will McAvoy

Will is an interesting character on The Newsroom. Interesting pretty much because he seems to represent a throw back from an earlier time. A different time. He represents a Republican that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. He is an intellectual. A thinker. A rationalist. And also an idealist. Republicans like this seem to have been driven underground over the last decade or two. Are they gone or merely bidding their time?


2 thoughts on “Republicans, hurricanes, and gay marriage

  1. They most likely still exist, but I doubt that we will see them in the public eye anytime soon. Well not in a place where they can make a big political difference. McAvoy’s character is an odd case, someone who was force to remain silent for most of his life and finally got fed up with it. He saw the harsher realities of the world and caught a bad case of pessimism, but deep down he is still that idealist at heart, he just needed the right people to bring that side out again.


    • Good points…though I am skeptical. Politics have shifted so severely in the new millennium. McAvoy did seem to need the right people to bring him (back) to his true self. But where are the right people (or the right circumstances) that will flush Republicans in the real world out of the woodwork and back into the limelight? Does it come down to (more sane) redistricting?


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