Gratitude revisited

I got this brilliant idea the other day. From Brené Brown. I know being grateful does a body good mentally and physically. But my feelings of gratitude ebb and flow. OK. Mostly ebb. In fact, I often completely forget about gratitude. And then suddenly I am struck by something I am grateful for.

But routinely reviewing what I’m grateful for is a habit that I cannot seem to cultivate. At least not with any regularity.

In steps Brené Brown. In one of her books, she mentions placing gratitude notes in a jar. Eureka. That’s what I’ll do! Create a Gratitude Jar.

Now I find myself scratching out note after note on slips of paper…”I am grateful for…” folding over the pieces of paper and dropping them into a glass vase. I find that the vase, which is filling up with notes, constantly reminds me of gratitude. Each time I pass it, I see the growing pile of slips of paper listing all the things I have been grateful for.

I am curious to see if the Gratitude Jar will help me in another way. When I am not so grateful about things. When I’ve completely forgotten about what is good in my life. When I am downright crotchety. When I don’t want to be grateful at all but go off and pout about life. I can reach in and pull out a slip of paper…and read what I was grateful for in the past…and remember. Remember the gratitude. Remember the blessing. “I am grateful for…“. Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.


Your thoughts?

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