Humanity as ethics

“Anything that diminishes a person’s humanity is unethical.” ~ Kim Allen, from the Dharma talk Beautifying the Mind: Benevolence

This quote grabbed me. And continues to poke at me, long after I heard it. I keep circling it and pondering.

Anything that diminishes a person’s humanity, makes them into less than human, an un-human, a subhuman. The Other. The Enemy. In war. On the road in the rush to getting from A to B. In the treatment of people from other cultures, other races, other physical or mental conditions.

How easy it is to treat other people as somehow less than human. Less than oneself. By doing so, we act unethically.  In contrast, to act ethically is to treat all people as, well, people. Fully. Completely. Human.


Your thoughts?

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