Pedestrians be damned

I had another one of those moments the other day.

I recently moved back to Indiana after living in California for thirteen years. As you can imagine, quite a few things are different. I ran smack dab into one of those things.

I was out test driving a car when I came across a family of bicyclists waiting at a street corner to cross the road. At a crosswalk no less.

Californians will see nothing wrong with my next move.

I stopped.

That’s what you do when there is a crosswalk and people present. You stop and wait for them to safely cross.

Only I waited. And waited. And watched car after car whiz by from the other direction. No one was stopping.

“Why isn’t anyone stopping for them to cross?!”

“Oh. Um…”

A car behind me honked. The father figure bicyclist waved me on.

“Clearly, the law is different in Indiana, and it’s going to take some getting used to.”

I drove on. Feeling very odd. And somewhat bereft as I left the bicyclists waiting at the crosswalk. And as I figuratively left the pedestrian-friendly laws of California behind.

Note to self: Do not step out into a crosswalk expecting traffic to stop for you. In Indiana it won’t. Instead, you risk joining the ranks of roadkill on a lonely Hoosier street.

Let’s see how long I stay alive in the wild west of crosswalks in Indiana.


2 thoughts on “Pedestrians be damned

    • Unfortunately, yes. It is more widespread here while driving simply due to the fact that it is legal to talk and drive in Indiana. This still kind of floors me. Talking on a cell phone and driving was common in California too but not as much simply because it was technically illegal.


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