The best day of my life

I experienced another one of those moments. You are deep in thought about something or other and not fully paying attention to things around you. And your brain pokes at you. “Hey, there is something being said that you might want to hear!”

“Excuse me. Did you say that this was the best day of your life?” My question was posed to the woman in front of me in line. The checkout clerk had asked her the obligatory, “How are you doing?” So obligatory it was more a statement than a question.

“Yes. Today is the best day of my life…until tomorrow.”

Wow. This simple statement changed the air in the immediate surroundings. The sheer positiveness of this statement pumped energy into the checkout clerk and myself. Not that either of us were down. We just were. Moving through life as normal.

I thought how kindnesses in passing—a smile, a friendly word, an uplifting statement—can have much more of an impact that you could ever imagine. And I pondered how this woman just illustrated that. Her simple statement stopped us dead in our tracks.

The air around us had changed so much that the person who came up in the line behind me noticed it. And wondered what was going on.

We were pondering how we were having the best days of our lives…until tomorrow.


Your thoughts?

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