Farewell, Samson

Farewell, my dear Samson.

I will miss you. I looked away as I left you, but I shed tears for you in private. (OK. Maybe not just in private.) You served me faithfully for 12 years…almost to the day. (Tomorrow would be the anniversary of when I met you.)

I tried to take care of you, maintaining you faithfully in return. You took me lots of places. New places and familiar haunts. On outings. To retreats. Welcomed me back at the end of a day of hiking. Protected me from a hit-and-run driver. Endured scrapes and bumps from others.

I know your time has come to an end. At least for me. Hopefully they can find you another home. A good home. Serve your new owner well, Samson. I hope that person will care for you at least as well as I tried.

You were my first new car. I will miss you.

And thanks for whispering your name to me all those years ago.


Your thoughts?

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