Thank you

Thank goodness for parents. Always there to listen and provide words of wisdom. Yes, the job of a parent never ends. They might have thought they got rid of me when I left for college but like many others, I wandered back years later. Literally from across the country.

Being a parent is a lifelong job…perhaps they didn’t know what they were getting into all those years ago. Hopefully it has been less of a job than an adventure. An enjoyable roller coaster ride without the tracks. An exciting road trip without a map. Something to lean into in anticipation.

They have provided support—financial and emotional. Celebrated joys with me. Advised me. Listened to my rants, my happy moments, my ramblings, my life. Welcomed me. Seen me off. Been there when I have asked. And sometimes when I didn’t. No, it can’t be easy to be a parent. I am thankful for mine.


Your thoughts?

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