Photo: Don’t care. Care.

Artwork in the form of a pedestrian walk sign with the message CARE illuminated

I came upon an oddly placed street sign. Oddly placed as in several feet from the street corner. As I approached, I scanned for other oddities. A button instructed the pedestrian: “PUSH BUTTON TO CHANGE.” But the typical message—DONT WALK. WALK.—had been replaced with DONT CARE. CARE. The signal was illuminated with CARE. Happily I walked on.

On my return, I audibly gasped. The sign read DONT CARE. I found myself quick to push that button and felt visibly relieved when the sign changed back to CARE. Ah, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Artwork in the form of a pedestrian walk sign with the message DONT CARE illuminatedI noticed a sign nearby explaining the artwork.

The signal automatically changes from DONT CARE to CARE at random intervals, but can be manipulated by pressing the button. Either someone had pressed the button or the signal had changed to DONT CARE. Either way I had unwittingly been involved in a social experiment. Clearly I need to exist in a world where the default is CARE, not DONT CARE.


3 thoughts on “Photo: Don’t care. Care.

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  2. That’s quite an experiment! I wonder if any was watching to see how people responded to the sign. Even more than that – which of us are even willing to push a button to change?
    Change can be scary ! :-).


    • This piece of art was near an art gallery. But when I asked in the gallery about the piece, thinking they would be in the know, they really didn’t know much. The art wasn’t associated with the gallery (Art Bank…housed in a former bank. Kind of interesting.) I was told that at some point someone thought it was a regular signal and posted a sign on it. The artist contacted them about removing it.

      Ah! I pushed the button after I took a photo of the signal reading DONT CARE. I didn’t think about change. I was too bothered by the sign instructing passerby’s not to care!


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