Role model from the pages of a classic

Funny how an article appeared on the BBC website touting the depiction of values in To Kill A Mockingbird around the time that I saw a production of it. The book (or play or film) teaches about core human and parenting values through dialogue, examples, and the story line. The BBC article echoes my thoughts during and after seeing the play: Atticus Finch is an outstanding example of how to parent.

Five key lessons that the book teaches via the character of Atticus Finch, according to the BBC:

  • Live your values.
  • Listen to both sides of every story.
  • Keep calm in a crisis.
  • Have faith in your children.
  • You don’t have to be tough to be brave.

The idea is to live these values so they are you at your core. How much, I thought, do I follow these? And what a good idea to do so! The challenge is to be an Atticus Finch role model…for oneself and others. Are you up to the challenge? Am I?


Your thoughts?

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