Fear running alongside

I look back and see
Fear running alongside me,
Hot breath on my neck.

I attempt to flee.
But what happens if I stop,
I no longer run?


2 thoughts on “Fear running alongside

  1. I, too, have had that happen. The pursuit is relentless! The breath is so hot and aspect so dark!
    I’ve noticed it’s the same with my shadow – we’re never apart.
    The only saving grace from my shadow: when I slow down, it slows down.
    Sadly, my shadow gets stronger in the daylight. With my fears, a little light and love seem to dissolve them. Isn’t that curious?


    • Hmmm. I’m curious what your shadow represents for you since you differentiate it from your fears. I tend to think of one’s shadow as all of the potentially negative items that dog one.


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