Movie review: Enough Said (2013)

Enough Said skirts around some issues that I wish the film had gone deeper into.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Eva, a divorced woman with a daughter who is getting ready to leave for college. She gets involved with a man and through that relationship we see the land mine that is post-divorce relationships, continued interactions with ex-spouses, and the disclosure of habits and character traits of exes that made them exes.

Eva meets two people separately at a party that happen to be ex-spouses of each other. But she doesn’t realize that fact until halfway through the movie. By that time, she was deep in a romantic relationship with Albert (played by James Gandolfini in one of his last movies) and deep into a friendship/massage client relationship with Marianne, Albert’s ex-wife.

Eva meets Albert’s daughter, who shows up several days later at Marianne’s house. Which is when Eva realizes that everything¬†Marianne has shared about her ex-husband was actually about Albert. At that point, what is she to do?

What would you do? Mention that the guy you had been talking to her about, the guy you were dating, was her ex-husband? Not mention anything and continue to be her friend and massage therapist? Not mention anything and just disappear from her life? Drop the boyfriend and maintain the friendship with the ex-wife?

Eva is torn. How often in hindsight do you think, “Wow. I wish I knew why the last relationship ended, why the former girlfriend broke off the relationship, or why the wife divorced him.” That information might be eye-opening, saving you months or years of grief in a relationship doomed from the get-go.

Eva tries playing that game but the charade comes crashing down around her. She loses the friendship/massage client. She loses the relationship. And even if those things were true about the ex-husband, would they have been deal-breakers for her?

Enough Said seems to point to the fact that sometimes people are just not right for each other. At one point when the ex-wife is recanting past experiences with Albert, she relates that he just didn’t get her. “Has anyone ever gotten you?,” she asks Eva. This question seemed to surprise Eva.

And got me thinking as well. Perhaps this is the key to knowing if a relationship would be a good, lasting partnership. Has anyone ever really gotten me?


Your thoughts?

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