Common sense

On a recent tour, the tour guide started talking about the things that Indiana lacks.

Where was he going with this?

Indiana doesn’t have mountains. Or oceans. Or deserts. He continued in this vein but finally got to the point. The thing Hoosiers have? Common sense.

I audibly gasped. You have got to be kidding me. The great thing about Indiana in his mind is that we are a land of people who use common sense?

And then I thought about how common sense is subjective. One person’s common sense is another person’s stupidity.

Unfortunately, enough Hoosiers in the limelight have shown the latter. Ugh.

Can we be known for something else? The rolling hills of southern Indiana? The sand dunes and lakeshore of the north? The limestone? Our hospitality?

Common sense is just another way of justifying that how you think is the right way to think. When someone says common sense, I see stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and ignorance—contrasted with thoughtful, pensive consideration based on knowledge and the pursuit of truth and ethics.

That just seems like common sense to me. To be fair, my thinking might seem like stupidity to others.


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