Movie review: We’ll Be All Right (2014)

We’ll Be All Right was the second of three short films presented at the HHeartland Film Festival as part of the Indiana Spotlight.

The film revolves around one family, the Presslaff family, and their memory of the matriarch of the family, Mimsie.

The story of Mimsie and the impact she had on the surviving members of the Presslaff family spilled out in interviews of family members, home videos, and photos. The coup de grâce were audio tapes that Mimsie made of some of her famous stories, intentionally made for posterity.

Frank, her son, adopted child after child, all of whom became an integral part of Mimsie’s life, or more aptly, she became an integral part of their lives. Through tears and joys, these adoptive children told in words and actions how much Mimsie meant to them. One in particular expressed how he turned out, when he so easily could have turned out otherwise, only thanks to her. She was a font of love and encouragement in their lives.

We’ll Be All Right is a touching remembrance of a family member who meant so much and made such an impact on the lives of people who would less rich for not knowing her. The Presslaff family shows how a family can be a truly positive experience and how one person can make such a profound difference in the lives of all of those around her.


Your thoughts?

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