Movie review: Thor (2011)

Thor is one of those movies that made my must-watch list. Honestly, I do not remember why.

Thor is not a badly made movie. Nor is the acting bad. As far as action movies go, it is an entertaining one, based loosely on Norse mythology. (Seeing how my car is named after the Norse hero Sigurd, the movie subject intrigued me.)

I know almost nothing about Norse mythology, but I have a feeling that the movie takes liberty with it. In the movie, Odin, the ruler of Asgard, seeks to hand over the throne to his son Thor. Unfortunately, Thor shows himself to be the brash arrogant warrior that he is. It takes banishment to Earth, the betrayal by his brother (Loki), and the near death of his father to change him. Thor comes out the other side of his banishment a wiser god and more humane after his contact with humans.

The story of Thor, Odin, and Loki intertwine with modern-day paranormal followers on Earth. Natalie Portman appears as Thor’s love interest Jane—the scientist who has dedicated her life to gathering data on odd cosmic events.

The government makes its appearance as personified evil by appropriating all of Jane’s equipment and data. In the end, the government representatives meekly apologize and return all the belongings. The view of the government is a decidedly political one, which sees government as intruding on the personal lives of its citizens. The film’s message? Government out of the lives of individuals please!

The movie has everything—love, war, loyalty among friends, betrayal between brothers, attempted murder of the father by a son, Anthony Hopkins. Given the director—Kenneth Branagh—the Shakespearean themes come as no surprise.



Your thoughts?

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