Representative government?

Representative government is all well and good as long as it is truly representative, but what if it isn’t? What if there is a lack of choice at the polls? What if your vote is diluted by the power that corporations or rich individuals wield with their contributions? What if you are disenfranchised through poll taxes, ID laws, or felonies on your record? Suddenly you are living in a country that you have no part in shaping or influencing.

I vote, but I question if my vote really matters. I live in an area of the country that runs counter to my political beliefs. The districts seem gerrymandered. Often opposing candidates do not appear on the ballot. My choices are between officials with the current scandal or candidates from the previous one.

The politicians that win do not speak to my needs or concerns. Or if they do, they do not put in action solutions to these needs and concerns. Their masters are the people with money, not me. I cannot compete with their money and as a result, my voice is not heard.

In theory, we live in a representative democracy. In practice, I am not so sure what kind of country I live in.


Your thoughts?

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