Vote with your dollars: Open for Service

Well, Indiana did it again. A bill passed the House today—a similar one passed the Senate last month—that allows business owners to refuse to serve LGBT customers.

Let’s set aside the fact that business owners may misidentify some straight people as LGBT or their anti-gay radar may let some LGBT brethren slip through.

Does allowing business owners not to serve certain people remind anyone of our past? Say, when it was legal to refuse service to African-Americans? But this is different, some how, right?

No. Discrimination is discrimination.

To my surprise, I discovered that a grassroots movement has already started. (OK. Confession time, a coworker pointed this out to me this afternoon, within a few hours of passage of the bill.)

Sticker This Business Serves EveryoneOpen for Service is selling stickers for businesses to place in their windows indicating that the business owners welcome all types of patrons. Green, blue, purple, white, black, red, yellow.

And oh yes, even those that are anti-gay. Ironic, isn’t it?


Your thoughts?

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