Apathetic voter

To my horror, I am becoming one. As a poli sci major, apathy about the electoral process is a very strange place to be. But this is where I am finding myself after moving back to Indiana.

As I look over the candidates running for office yet again, I find that I don’t want to vote for any of them.

And it’s not just that I am miffed at having to track down who will be on my ballot (I am) and then unsuccessfully try to locate substantial information on their positions (I can’t find anything). I am also dismayed by the choices—from among one party only.

All of the candidates’ positions are pretty bland: preserve the unique character of the town, grow the tax base, protect the schools. OK. How?

Granted, they can’t really outline their positions in a few words in the local newspaper.

Did I search for information about town hall meetings so I could hear them talk in person and then pepper them with questions? No. I didn’t. I simply saw a couple of sentences about the candidates in the newspaper after the meeting had taken place. Sigh. After the meeting had taken place.

Not really the best way to be an informed voter…which then makes me call into question voting at all.

I know that my vote matters more in a local election than a national one, but seriously, if I don’t really get what differentiates one candidate from another, why am I voting? Or worse, if I don’t like anything about their backgrounds pithily summed up in a few words, why am I voting for any of them?

And this is why the last time I voted, turnout was a couple hundred…with 26 people voting for the candidate I really wanted to win. He lost.

In races like that it only takes a few voters to swing an election. A few informed voters. Or family members of the candidates.


Your thoughts?

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