Waiting for penguins

Given my status as Protector of All Things Penguin at the office, several months ago a co-worker texted me a link to the Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Cam.

The Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Cam has a decent setup. Occasionally I check in to see how the Scottish penguins are doing. (The penguins at the zoo are mostly gentoo, but king penguins wander around in the mix too.)

I find that watching the penguins is soothing, kind of like how looking at a large tank of fish is relaxing. (I must not be the only one. A co-worker let me in on a secret the other day: my boss has had the penguin cam up on one of his monitors too.)

Realizing that it had been a couple of weeks, I recently took a look again. The view of the cam was replaced with a new one, a view of their rock nests. Nesting at the Edinburgh Zoo takes the form of typical rock nests inside individual concrete circular dishes.

Large plump penguins lie on their bellies across the rocks while other penguins randomly wander about, alternating between poking at the horizontal penguins and offering them rocks.

The other day I gasped in delight. During one of the times that a penguin stood up on her nest, I saw an egg. And then I saw another one under a different penguin.

For some reason, I didn’t think that they really were laying eggs. I just thought that the zoo was humoring some instinct in the penguins to nest.

So now the wait is on.


Your thoughts?

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