Enjoying the rain

Watching the rain coming down and listening to the patter on the roof…for some reason these are comforting sights and sounds. I always imagine being curled up at home drinking tea and soothed by the sounds of the rain falling.

How often have I actually experienced that—listening to the rain as I sip tea? Usually I am preoccupied with life and don’t take the time to enjoy the rain, only noticing it as I whiz by.

Recently I was forced to enjoy the rain in odd, unusual places.

I was wandering through the museum grounds, umbrella in hand and almost alone to enjoy the paths as a few stray people walked briskly through the rain. When the light drizzle turned into a sudden downpour, I darted into the greenhouse. There was something strangely comforting listening to the hard pounding of the rain on the window panes as I meandered through the greenhouse. I looked with delight at the water streaming down the windows all around me and felt a homey snugness as the thunder rumbled.

Another day I was hiking through a state park as a light drizzle fell. I was mostly protected by the forest. The soft sound of the rain hitting the canopy of leaves was calming and comforting. I had the trails mainly to myself to enjoy the pitter-patter of rain. The percussions were punctuated by birds calling to each other and the creek gargling down the riverbed.

Two different ways than normal to enjoy the rain…one encased in a house of glass, seeing the water stream off of the windows…the other outside walking through the rain but protected by trees. Finally, I was forced to pay attention to the rain falling.


Your thoughts?

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