Talbot Street Art Fair

Huh. I looked at the street sign and then looked at the brochure/map in my hand. It’s called the Talbot Art Fair, yet the street sign reads “Talbott” with two final t’s. Curious.

It was one of those god-awful hot summer days in Indiana. I was having a hard time adjusting back to Indiana weather. Rather than want to do anything, the humidity makes me want to curl up inside. Most of the other half of the year, you could replace “humid” with “cold” and still accurately describe me.

But I wanted to wander the streets of the Talbot Art Fair. In contrast to the Broad Ripple Art Fair that I attended a few weeks earlier, this one was free, and in the heart of a quirky little artistic community.

Though some vendors were the same, the art fair seemed to have a different flavor about it. Less knick-knacks and more art…I wandered through stands of photography, paintings, art that was a combination of photography and paintings. Jewelry abounded as did clothing. And toys.

As the humidity and temperature climbed, so did the number of people I was trying to slalom through. I expected more vendors than I saw, and I hoped to stumble across Nicey, a simply divine ice cream vendor, but tried not to raise my hopes since they had been dashed at the Broad Ripple Art Fair.

But there at the end of it all? Could it be? In front of my eyes was Nicey’s ice cream truck. Without any hesitation I headed for the truck as though I was emerging from a desert. “Avocado, please.” Then my eyebrows arched. The price had gone up in the last month or two. Hmmm…

I wandered down the street to the Harrison Center, a building full of art studios attached to the neighborhood Presbyterian Church. I had been here a year earlier on one of the First Fridays, when art studios throughout the city are open to the public. The place was swarming with activity then and pretty darn busy this day as the center was open with vendors and their own art fair.

So how did the Talbot Art Fair compare to the Broad Ripple Art Fair? Well, it had the added benefit of another art fair at the nearby Harrison Center, it was free…and it had Nicey.


Your thoughts?

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