Unexpected visitor

Brrrrttt. Brttttt. The sound startled me.

Was something hitting the outside of my apartment? And then the thought occurred to me and a dread briefly filled me.

Was something, some animal stuck in my fireplace?

But wait, it wasn’t a real fireplace, right? No chimney.

Looking out my window, I saw my answer. A little bird was tapping on my window. Only it didn’t sound how I imagined a bird tapping on my window would sound. He tapped so fast that the sound wasn’t tap-tap-tap but more brrrtttt. Like the sound of something hitting the outside of my apartment.

It was a delightful little yellow bird with a black cap. He tapped and then looked at me. And then tapped some more. Hop, hop down the window a bit and then brrrttt. Brrrrttt.

Thinking he might be seeing his reflection, I lowered the blinds. I would miss my unexpected visitor but it would give him a break from tapping.

I returned to my chair only to hear the familiar sound and see him at another window, looking at me. What a curious little yellow bird.

Brrrrttt. Brrrrrttt. He paused to look at me. Brrrttts…Brrrrrttt. As if bidding me farewell before he flew off for good.


Your thoughts?

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