Of Rotating Regrets

Gwenice Gwee has quite a way with words, weaving emotions through imagery in her poetry.

The Chaser of Dreams

Trapped in
That net of regrets
It stung –
Poison dripped from the
Seemingly innocent web
Like tainted raindrops
Forming teardrops from
The troubled heart
And tortured mind.

Comfort was necessary,
Albeit temporary;
The scar was there to stay.
If time could turn back
Oh what choices we could have made
What destiny could have changed
But we leave it to fate.
Or do we?

Is this or is this not
Another opportunity
That dropped by?
I stare and scroll
Scrutinising the invitation.

I lament about the lost opportunities,
And regrets of the past –
Crying at the sight of signs
Indicating my failure
To grasp what was offered.
It is wrong
But I cannot see
The happy ones the way I did

Is this then
A message from the heavens,
Or am I delusioned
By the guilt and jealousy
Of a confused heart?

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