Landmine sanctuary

Hero rats emerged in the news the other day as warriors in the battle to remove landmines. I mentioned them in passing at work. (This topic of conversation wasn’t too odd to my coworkers since I am known as the Crazy Penguin Lady—and a lover of animals—at at work.)

One of my coworkers directed me to a news story about penguins and landmines.

No, the penguins aren’t ferreting out landmines like the rats. They are living among them.

Apparently, rats aren’t the only animals that are light enough to walk on top of landmines without setting them off. Penguins can live and nest among them—on the Falkland Islands.

Check out the photos of the penguins enjoying their solitude on the islands. My favorite photo is the one of the penguin studiously reading the warning signs.


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