Photo: Murals of Richmond

Richmond, Indiana is a city full of murals…at least in the Historic Depot Historic.

train mural

Mural next to the historic Pennsylvania Railroad Train Depot. Unfortunately, rather than being open as a museum or even as a venue housing small shops, I found the depot boarded up and up for sale.

model T car mural

Mural highlighting Richmond’s experience in the early car industry. The Model T Museum was just down the road.

Around the corner to the left of car mural was a mural of the Wright Brothers bicycle shop. Wilbur’s birthplace was in Hagerstown, a nearby city. The Wrights lived in Richmond until 1884.

mural depicting rescue from a burning building

Mural on the side of the oldest firehouse in Richmond, which now houses the aptly named Firehouse BBQ and Grill. Notice the woman screaming from the middle window who threw a cat out to the firemen waiting below.

mural of a soldier kissing a nurse

Murals even grace windows in alleyways in Richmond’s Historic Depot District…here is the iconic Life magazine photo next to a window painted with drapes and a planting.


Your thoughts?

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