Choosing a president

As I listened to the presidential candidates, I realized how far apart I really am from them. They are concerned with issues and fighting for so-called values that are often the complete opposite of mine.

Then it dawned on me.

They are living in different worlds than I am with different perspectives on issues than I have.

Hmmm…if they are the only options, how would I go about choosing one to be President? They speak so authoritatively, claiming that they would have made different choices than the President has.

But they don’t have access to the same intelligence and information about events that the current President does. Do they really think that if they did, they would make such radically different choices than the President has made?

I tried to look at choosing a President from among one of them from a different perspective.

Let’s assume that the candidate gets into office and gains access to knowledge about events and situations that he or she didn’t have, and then realizes that the reality is actually much more complicated than previously thought. I wondered…

Who among the candidates is intelligent enough or capable of jettisoning ideology in the face of reality in office? Who is adaptable, flexible, and thoughtful in the face of information that contradicts previous beliefs?

That is who I would want to be President.


Your thoughts?

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