Pay it forward penguin

It happened again. An excited coworker approached me about an interesting story involving a penguin. (As The Protector of The Penguins at work, anything involving penguins get relayed to me.)

A stuffed penguin is making the rounds of Indianapolis. Kind of like the HitchBOT, the penguin is deposited and then people pick it up briefly to go places and do things with. They then deposit the penguin for someone else.

My first thought was horror. “Oh no! The same thing would happen to the penguin that happened to HitchBOT.” I didn’t want to know about it.

But I ultimately had to take a look at where he had been. Originally a lot of photos on his Facebook page were just photos of a person holding the penguin, but since my first glimpse more have been posted with the penguin actually doing activities: swinging on a swing set, stretching with gymnasts, helping create ads at a computer (with the much need cup of coffee next to him).

Perhaps I’ll cross paths with him—maybe at the zoo. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if find him visiting his brethren or taking in a dolphin show?


Your thoughts?

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