TV movie review: Robin Williams Remembered: A Pioneer of Television Special (2014)

Williams was a special, one-of-a-kind actor and comedian, the likes of which the world will never see again. This is the crux of the message from this TV documentary.

Robin Williams Remembered starts with his childhood as a lone, reclusive child who hit the stage for the first time in high school and found his home. After that he was constantly on the run, seeking audience after audience, approval after approval.

The special reviews all of his roles as standup comic, TV actor, comedic film actor, and dramatic film actor, and concludes with his numerous shows before the troops in Afghanistan. Williams himself is interviewed as are fellow comics and actors. His death, just over a year ago, is still so profoundly felt.

This television special is a good review of his prolific work. But perhaps a better tribute to Robin would be to watch one of his many movies and standup specials. To see the master at work is to appreciate him….and to wish that he had outrun the depression that enveloped him in the end.


Your thoughts?

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