Peering over the edge
I gulp deeply.
Into the emptiness swirls fear and loneliness.
And I thought that they were walking behind me, my constant companions!
Somewhere they gave me the slip
And decided to take a holiday.
I’m sure they will be back.
They are nothing if not loyal.
But they left anxiety behind.
Anxiety and fear always held hands before.
But fear apparently is fickle and ran away with loneliness.
I almost overlooked anger,
Sitting deep in quiet meditation behind me—
Calmed years ago but since then standing guard,
Ready to quietly fortify me.
If only fear, loneliness, and anxiety would take a cue from anger.
Unlike anger, they do not seem to be satisfied with acknowledgement.
If only I knew what they wanted, we could coexist in peace.


Your thoughts?

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