Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Another movie based on Marvel comics. I am not sure what possessed me to watch it.

The movie is decent though not really my cup of tea. Fight scene follows fight scene follows fight scene. In between are cheesy jokes.

Different bandits and criminal elements end up banding together (in prison, of course) against a common enemy who is set on destroying the world. The unofficial leader of the bunch is a human who was abducted in 1988. (Well, actually, he discovers 26 years later that he is only partially human.)

He is joined by an alien female who is seeking to save the world from a destructive force (a male bent on revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter), a giant walking and talking tree, and a humanoid raccoon. (The raccoon is my favorite…though I have a soft spot for the tree. I know. Big surprise.)

The movie is entertaining enough but unless you like watching thing blow up immediately followed by other things blowing up, this really isn’t your movie.


Your thoughts?

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