Ida and the Colored Freedom Settlement immortalized

When I was researching information about the Colored Freedom Settlement in Dubois County, Indiana, I stumbled across several poems about Ida, her ancestors, and the Colored Freedom Settlement.

The poems, written by Jasper, Indiana native and Indiana Poet Laureate Nobert Krapf, reflect a familiarity with Ida, her father, and the Colored Freedom Settlement. Krapf grew up geographically near to the settlement, but was born a few years after the last settlement inhabitant died.

Contemporary American Voices: a journal of poetry

  • Last Sunset: Ida’s Father Ben Hagan, Jr. Is Buried in the Pinkston Cemetery
    Last Sunset describes the funeral of Ida’s father in 1939 and the death of the Colored Freedom Settlement. Note: Krapf uses Hagan rather than Hagen. I have seen the family name spelled both ways.
  • Ida and a Gemini Twin
    Krapf addresses Ida directly in this poem about a famous blues singer who shares her May 24 birthday. The blues singer? Bob Dylan.
  • Hearing the Blues in the Pinkston Cemetery
    Kraft reflects on being in the cemetery of the Colored Freedom Settlement, hearing Jimmie Duck Holmes play the blues, and offering to listen with Ida.

Flying Island

  • Whose Eyes Are These?
    Krapf speaks of Ida and her ancestry.

Ida and family may have been the subject of other poems by Krapf. These are the few that I have found online by this Pulitzer Prize nominee.


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