Art favorites: Reflection (Kitty Hughes)

Although he was as influential to American Impressionism as Mary Cassatt and John Henry Twachtman, Childe Hassam was unknown to me. I stumbled across him for the first time with Reflection (Kitty Hughes).

The warm colors in the painting drew me to it. The reflections throughout different surfaces in the painting kept drawing me back to it. I wandered around the gallery but returned again and again to Kitty Hughes.

One wall in the scene is filled with a mirror that reflects the scene back, intriguingly showing where the painter would be if the mirror reflected reality. But other surfaces throughout the scene also reflect images. The window ledge that the woman is leaning on reflects bits of her and the sunlight coming from the window. The table reflects the centerpiece of apples, the woman sitting nearby, and the light coming in from the open window.

Interestingly, many images of the painting on the web show a mirror image of the painting, with Kitty Hughes looking out the window to the right. But in the painting hanging in the David Owsley Museum of Art, she is facing the left.

Reflection (Kitty Hughes)
Childe Hassam
American, 1859-1935
David Owsley Museum of Art


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