Technical writing and editing

As an embedded technical writer at a software company, I work closely with two delivery teams that practice agile (scrum) software development. I began documenting on-premises integrations between our platform and third-party products. With my teams, I transitioned to documenting cloud-based integrations between our newest cloud-based platform and third-party products. I explain integration features for end-users, configuration and setup for system administrators, and customization and APIs for developers.

Previously, I worked in content localization and technical editing at a semiconductor company.


My GitHub repositories contain class and independent projects that I created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML technologies. Most of the JavaScript projects also include technical documentation that explains the methods and required parameters used.

Current software documentation


I am responsible for a variety of API documentation:

  • Web services data dip connector API
    Explains what the API does and how to use it for our integrations, and provides example code.
  • Salesforce console events
    Explains how to broadcast and listen for events for status changes and call activities through the event model in the Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit.
  • Developer tools
    Describes tools (API Explorer, Web Chat, Callback, Code Editor, Notification, and Analytics Query Builder) that allow developers and non-developers to play with our APIs through a user interface.
  • Routing of Salesforce emails (purecloud.SDK.Email and purecloud.Email)
    Explains why and how to route Salesforce emails through our SDK. Describes the Email class, methods, and parameters available under two different namespaces, and provides example code.

Back-end integrations

I create and maintain documentation for system administrators and developers to use WFM (Verint WFM historical, Verint WFM RTA) and data actions (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Service Cloud (deprecated), Salesforceweb services (Bridge Server), web services (cloud service), and Zendesk) integrations.

Front-end integrations

I create and maintain documentation for integrations aimed at people who want to use PureCloud with different CRMs: PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Salesforce, and PureCloud for Zendesk. The documentation targets agents as well as administrators and developers.

Former hardware documentation

Application notes

I worked with SMEs to edit new and revision application notes aimed at hardware design engineers. I checked spelling, grammar, and terminology, followed the company style and format, and optimized content for search engines (SEO).

Data sheets

I made initial editing passes of data sheets, which were aimed at design engineers for the company’s analog and mixed-signal devices.


I edited product, solutions, and corporate pages for a semiconductor company that ranged from heavily technical to technical marketing. I researched the technology being discussed and rewrote the content, as needed, to fit the medium, message, and end-user.

Technical marketing documentation

I worked with SMEs to edit product and solutions guides and product briefs for technical and non-technical audiences for use at trade shows, on the website, and in customer meetings. I prepared meta descriptions and abstracts of these guides for the website.


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