Angry women


“I hate to say it, but often when women show anger, it’s not fully appreciated. It’s often, you know, pushed onto emotional issues perhaps, or deflected onto other people.” ~ Dr. Fiona Hill, in her Capitol Hill testimony on a meeting with Gordon Sondland. Sondland testified that Hill was angry at someone else, not him.


It descends like a soft cloud
Encasing me in comfort.
What is this strange feeling?
So ephemeral…
I cannot catch it.
It slips through my fingers if I try.
But when I sense it,
I can turn my face to it
And bask in its warmth.
And then see it on its way
With a silent word of thanks.
I hope to see you again soon, happiness.
Thanks for passing through my life.
You need to visit more often.

Selective hearing

On a particular day I hear exactly what I need to hear
From the cacophony around me.
On another day I hear something different
From the melee of words spoken.

What I take in varies.
I hear what I want,
What I need,
What my wounded soul resonates with.
The rest falls away as though it was never spoken,
As though I never heard it.

In truth, I didn’t.

In the past I heard reassurances.
Everything will be OK.
That soothed my soul.

Today I hear how much you care.
My soul sobs,
Parched for this sentiment.
But it is much too late.

What will I hear next?
Why did I not hear this in the past?
And will I ever hear it again in the future?